Sphax PureBDCraft


If there was one reason to use PureBDCraft textures by Sphax – it would be simply this: it just purely looks awesome!  What’s unique about this texture pack over others is it sports a comic book kind of look ( of which I’m a huge fan of ).

Don’t get me wrong, the default textures are ok.. just not great. The Sphax pack includes great dirt, gravel, stone, wood, and other textures for minecraft. The colors are brighter than the defaults but still don’t put a huge strain on the eyes.

The PureBDCraft texture pack doesn’t just change environment textures – it also includes some great patterns for ores, monsters, and animals. In the screenshot below you can see some examples of the blocks, mobs, and items. I find that the style isn’t too cartoonish for me, but you’ll have to form your own opinion.

But one of the best things about it: it supports loads of minecraft mods such as Better Than Wolves, The Aether, and others. Sphax is great about constantly adding more and more mods to the support list. They keep it updated constantly so you don’t have to wait forever after an official Minecraft update! When you don’t have to wait forever it’s always a great bonus ^_^




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