Minecraft Astrocraft Mod

Astrocraft Mod

It’s here! The first Minecraft mission into space. The AstroCraft Mod was created by the user Supertt007 to simulate the experience in space. The space scenery is very well done, complete with the vacuum of space, stars and a beautiful view of the Earth. Though beautiful, surviving in space is a different matter. First off, a full set of space armor is required in order to breath in space. Failing to have the armor with cause one’s health to decrease slowly. Space boots, pants, jacket, and space helmet are made the same as regular clothes except with wool. Any color of wool will work for the space suit. UFO’s plague the AstroCraft world and can be destroyed. Once Destroyed they drop steel parts that can be crafted into tools. To create a space portal in Minecraft simply create a nether portal using iron blocks. The portal must be four blocks wide, by five blocks tall, resembling a frame. Though, the corners of the frame are not required.

Minecraft Astrocraft Mod

Once the frame is built, the space inside the frame must be set on fire. One can do this by using steel and flint, a fire charge or Lava and of course a flammable block. This will create the vortex into space. When entering in the portal you will appear in space, either in a space station, or on space rocks. In space, creating a second portal back to theEarth or to the Netherworld is not permitted. Currently in space there is only one tool available: a steel pickaxe. Steel pickaxes can be made at the space station and are made the same as regular pickaxes. This pickaxe can be used for mining in space. Steel pickaxes are the only thing that can mine space rock, which currently does not have any uses. Keep in mind that the space world features low gravity, which is a nice addition to the mod. In addition to the UFO’s, meteors are a common occurrence in space. A good tip is to turn up the brightness, to be able to see better in deep, dark space.

To acquire this mod please do the following:
1. Download the Modloader
2. Download Dimension API
3. Download the AstroCraft 1.2.5 Mod
4. Find the minecraft.jar file.
5. Open minecraft.jar in an extracting program such as: WinRar or 7-Zip.
6. Delete META-INF from within Minecraft.jar.
7. Drag the extracted files from the ModLoader, Dimension API, and Astrocraft Mod .zip files into Minecraft.jar.
8. Close Minecraft.jar and start playing.



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